“Guitar soloist Karin Schaupp was a revelation…’“ Echo NetDaily (Australia)

”Schaupp's ability to project a crystal-clear melody that soars above the listener is remarkable; there is simply no such thing as a propositional thought in the mind of Karin's transfixed audience while her lyrical phrasing locks attention like an epic poem in pitch.” Broadway World (Australia)

“… stellar…” InDaily (Australia)

"... guitarist Karin Schaupp and Topology’s haunting, soft-grained soundtrack to Love Stories, a documentary about Brisbane’s homeless people, packed the festival’s most powerful emotional punch." The Australian

"Brisbane-based ensemble Topology, with guitarist Karin Schaupp, brought their incredibly moving collaboration with film-maker Trent Dalton, Love Stories, to the festival’s main stage next. Topology’s music interwove with interviews of patrons and staff at Brisbane’s 139 Club (now called 3rd Space), a drop-in centre offering support for city’s homeless and at-risk, in a deeply felt exploration of pain and love. " Limelight (Australia)

"Schaupp’s refined guitar playing in this work was a highlight ..." Limelight (Australia)

"... breathtaking technical skill, expressive capacity, sensitivity and control." Classic Melbourne (Australia)

"Schaupp and Noonan are perfectly teamed and, in each song, put themselves into its own world, but always bringing the audience along, wrapping it all up in a concert of luscious music." City News Canberra (Australia)

Canberra Times article, 5 June 2017

"Noonan and Schaupp are a match made in musical heaven ... Divine." Limelight Magazine (Australia) reviewing Songs of the Latin Skies

"This compact, gripping show in which Schaupp travels with precision and aplomb through a swathe of challenging solos with a Spanish flavor, and acts convincingly in cameo roles, must be one of this year’s stunning highlights." CutCommon (Australia) reviewing Don Juan

"This was a wonderful musical experience, a theatrical pleasure, and a deep literary experience.  The poem and the poet are as one in this often humorous production. There were lots of one-liners." Global Media Post (Australia) reviewing Don Juan

"... Don Juan is a gem, a quinella of consummate writing and delivery, a gripping tale of a free (albeit self-obsessed) spirit accompanied by rhythms of love, passion and struggle. One can only hope for a repeat season – one night is surely not enough." Krystoff RAW (Australia) reviewing Don Juan

"Don Juan inspired by the life of Byron and his epic poem Don Juan was brilliant and absorbing theatre presented by guitarist Karin Schauup and actor director Tama Matheson. Schauup’s impressively played solos and occasional acting and Matheson’s incarnation of Byron was riveting and convincing music-cum-theatre." ArtsHub (Australia) reviewing Don Juan

Limelight Magazine article, 21 July 2016

The Australian article, 23 July 2016

"... absorbing ... spellbinding ..." The Australian (Australia)

"... an intoxicating performance ... spellbinding ... a performance of swooning serenity." Limelight Magazine (Australia)

The Advertiser (Australia)

"My favourite phrase – in the middle of the Andantino of Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Fantasia for guitar and piano, a phrase of singing legato which I thought completely impossible of the guitar. Karin Schaupp, who played this and several other pieces of chamber music during the weekend, is one of very few guitarists anywhere who possess that magic that all good pianists also need, an ability to convince their audience that their plucked instrument (or struck, in the case of the piano) can play a true legato." Australian Stage (Australia)

“… Schaupp lives up to her reputation as one of the world’s most accomplished classically trained guitarists.”  Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

“… sublime mastery …”   Sunday Telegraph (Australia)

“… cast a haunting spell … seemingly effortless …”   Springfield News Leader (USA)

“… exceptionally beautiful …”   Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

“… She is a poet of the guitar…” Courier Mail (Australia)

“… a flawless performance, the like of which I have not heard before…" Classical Guitar (UK)

“… This was not merely magnificent playing it was miraculous…” The Mercury (Australia)

“… soul-soaring performance … strings sing to her touch…” Canberra Times (Australia)

“…Schaupp exudes an aura of superstardom.  Her playing is clean and precisely articulated, her timing impeccable - every gesture imbued with confidence as she produces her exquisite, pure streams of sound.” The West Australian

" ...Refreshingly different from many other guitarists in her wide range of colour and voluptuously free-flowing expression on the instrument, her skills were dazzling..." The Australian

" ... The manner with which she captured her audience - the feeling of hardly daring to breathe for fear of missing the delicacies on offer - reminded me of when the great Segovia performed ... " The Mercury (Australia)

 “There is so much wonderful guitar music around and some of the most wonderful is on this disc...” (review of Dreams) MusicWeb-International

“…Schaupp’s playing is of the highest calibre.  A deeply musical performer, she appeared to mesmerise the audience and players alike with her intensity and connection with the music…” Otago Daily Times (New Zealand)

“… The performance glowed with virtuosity bordering upon genius … displaying the mastery of flexibility of tempo that only great artists master … miraculous combination of fleet fingers and artistic insight” Fort Worth Star Telegram (USA)

“… Karin Schaupp’s playing is so perfect, so complete, that it seems like a miracle” Badische Zeitung (Germany)

“… The poetic intensity and sense of elation in her playing are truly quite special…” Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

“… it sounded and looked like the colours of the musical palette were placed on the acoustic canvas through the hand of magic … most of the audience agreed that Karin Schaupp’s guitar playing is beyond comparison…” Rhein Main Presse (Germany)



“Slipping effortlessly between characters, Schaupp is particularly impressive as the resilient Lotte, whose joie de vivre illuminates even the darkest phases of her life. An all-consuming passion for music links grandmother with grand-daughter and Lotte’s story is punctuated by exquisite guitar solos ... a wonderfully rich portrait of a woman who lived for music.” **** Fest Magazine (UK)

“Karin Schaupp, the attractive young classical guitarist who performs in this one-woman show, has natural talent to spare. Mix it with the secret ingredient of music, expertly played, and you have a hit on your hands.” **** Broadway Baby (UK)

 “… completely engrossing ... a treat.” **** 1/2 Fringe Guru (UK)

“… incredible musician ... revealingly personal ... genuine sincerity …” **** All the Festivals.com