Don Juan, an evening of music, adventure, love, hilarity, and high drama, following the career of one of the most magnetic and seductive heroes in western literature. Filled with the evocative music of Turina, Pujol, Tarrega and a host of other Spanish composers, this performance scintillates with the romance, passion, and intrigue of one of the greatest adventure stories ever told. 

Acclaimed actor/director Tama Matheson takes the stage with internationally renowned guitarist Karin Schaupp to explore Lord Byron's Don Juan, and trace the great lover's exploits through a combination of words and music. A feast of music and drama, Don Juan promises to be an unforgettable experience.

"Classical guitarist Karin Schaupp with actor director Tama Matheson presented Don Juan; a crisp, gripping, music-cum-theatre piece illustrating the life of Byron as well as his epic poem Don Juan. Matheson was wonderfully arch, vulnerable and funny as Byron, his acting laser sharp. Schaupp and Matheson have a productive rapport. This compact, gripping show in which Schaupp travels with precision and aplomb through a swathe of challenging solos with a Spanish flavor, and acts convincingly in cameo roles, must be one of this year’s stunning highlights." Gillian Wills, CutCommon (16 August 2016)

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Some snippets of “Don Juan” starring Karin Schaupp and Tama Matheson, written and directed by Tama Matheson. Filmed at the Australia Festival of Chamber Music in Townsville, Queensland on 6 August 2016 by Jason at JTV Video.

with tama matheson

Tama Matheson and Karin Schaupp

Tama Matheson and Karin Schaupp