Karin has recently been appointed Head of Classical Guitar at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. If you are interested in studying guitar with Karin, please contact Griffith University.

Unfortunately, Karin isn't able to take on any private students at this time.


Karin Schaupp’s interest in stage fright has led her to write two theses on the subject; her Honours Thesis in Musical Performance (First Class Honours and University Medal, University of Queensland 1993), giving an overview of the literature; followed by her Master’s Thesis in Musical Performance (University of Queensland 1997), in which she worked with a sports psychologist to develop a programme for musical performers, which was then taught to a group of students to great effect.  The efficacy of this self-help programme was tested through an empirical study at the University of Queensland.

Based on this study’s overwhelming success, Karin has been invited to lecture on this subject at seminars, festivals and educational institutions around the world.  In working with students, Karin combines her academic research findings with her personal experiences as a concert guitarist on the international circuit.

The programme developed by Karin is a combined treatment approach aimed specifically at instrumentalists and it  uses a number of self-help techniques, including cognitive techniques, relaxation and imagery.  The programme can also be utilised by other performance artists or public speakers.

For further information or to make an inquiry about engaging Karin to present her programme, please contact:

Wendy Avilov, White Lantern Artist Management
Ph: + 61 (0)417 798 523